About Us

The Uplands Garden Club is a non-profit organization of gardening enthusiasts based in Iowa County in the "Uplands" area of Southwestern Wisconsin.
  • Monthly evening meetings the 1st Wednesday of each month 
  • Engaging speakers on a wide variety of gardening topics 
  • Day trips to visit special regional gardens
  • Gardening grants for non-profit and charitable organizations
  • Annual fundraising plant sale

The purpose of the Uplands Garden Club is to share and increase the members' knowledge of gardening through social, educational and community service activities.

Officers and Committee Chairs

President               Carol Rademaker
Vice President       Jayne Wisler
Secretary               Gayl Stewart
Treasurer               Nina Carns
Service                  Marcia Ajer, Vicky Shallow, Resha Wyman
Newsletter             Roger Stewart
Publicity                Resha Wyman
Programs               Mary Mayo, Jean Halverson, Ashley Pfister
Fundraising           Vicky Shallow, Judy Campbell
Historian/Blog       Sharon Stauffer

Our History

Uplands Garden Club has grown from an initial, closely knit group of 12 Iowa County Master Gardener graduates and their facilitators to a current membership of more than 80.  The camaraderie among the initial MG class which graduated in early 1997, led to the decision to take on the volunteer project of developing a gardening newsletter and forming a club.  

Marcia Kinder Geer, who had completed the Master Gardener classes earlier in Madison, was the facilitator of Iowa County’s MG Program and mentor to the Master Gardeners who followed. She fostered a lifelong interest in gardening, horticulture and the environment by providing the leadership that led to starting the club. Pat Borcherding, who was a member of the first Master Gardener class, provided the enthusiasm and encouragement to keep moving forward with the establishment of the Uplands Garden Club. The club’s official birthday is in April, 1997. 

After trying out several titles, the group settled on A Gathering of Gardeners as the title of the newsletter.  The Uplands Garden Club logo was designed by second year MG class graduate and Mineral Point artist, Phil Mrozinski.  It first appeared in the February 1999 newsletter and continues to be used on newsletters, garden aprons and hats. 

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